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Today: 2016-08-25

mainpicIn the unending repeating of years, Spring has always been the messenger of kindness and happiness from god for men. Spring with wonderful scent of flowers and attractive coloring of trees, leads the new and hopeful year for us, and the calendars of Iran-e-farda publications has given hopes for wonderful season for Iranians for the past 30 years . Iran-e-farda publication with experience of over a quarter of a century  in production and publication of calendars has been given , Not by itself, But by professionals, the title of the best.
This institution, In the effort for publishing and presenting new products, has gathered the newest and the most complete collection of its own productions for the year of 1390 .This collection, which includes various kinds of wall calendars, Desk calendars, Diary and other products of Iran-e-farda Publication will try to convey and present the members
Of Iran culture and art.
Direct Manager
Mostafa Zamzami

کليه حقوق اين سايت متعلق به انتشارات ايران فردا می باشد.
طراح و مجری سایت: گروه چند رسانه ای سزان